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Mitochondrial Support for Metabolic Aging


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Power up the powerhouse of your cells. Signal is designed to target metabolic aging by protecting mitochondria—where the energy in your cells is made. Increase NAD+ with the precursor NMN to support energy production and activate SIRT3, a key mitochondrial enzyme, to protect and generate new mitochondria and help your cells adapt to daily metabolic changes as you age.

  • Increase levels of the critical coenzyme NAD+ by 40% via the highly efficient precursor NMN
  • Activate sirtuin 3 (SIRT3) to protect and generate new mitochondria to support cellular metabolism and energy
  • Help maintain healthy insulin sensitivity in muscle—essential to maintaining blood sugar levels
  • Support vascular health—critical for your athletic endurance 
  • Support brown fat thermogenesis, a cellular process which converts sugar and fat into heat to help maintain body temperature and support a healthy metabolism
  • Reduce general tiredness and fatigue, support healthy muscle function, and feel good for your age


Signal contains two ingredients that work synergistically to support metabolic health:

  • Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, NMN (250mg)
    NMN is a highly efficient precursor of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is central to creating cellular energy and performing other key metabolic functions.
  • SIRT3 Activation Complex (150mg)
    Supports healthy mitochondrial function through a combination of honokiol (isolated from the bark of Magnolia officinalis), and viniferin (derived from grapevines). Both honokiol and viniferin are potent activators of SIRT3, a metabolic enzyme found in the mitochondria that helps preserve existing as well as generate new mitochondria.
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and contains no artificial colors or flavors.
  • NSF Certified for Sport, the only independent third-party certification program recognized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Please confirm the certification of each lot here.
  • See nutrition label for more information.
  • The quality and purity information of every lot is available here.

Recommended Use

  • Take two capsules every morning, with or without food.
  • Each bottle contains a 30-day supply.
  • This product is only intended for healthy adults. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with your physician before using.
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Your Metabolism Ages Too

Metabolism converts food into the energy you need for life. As you age, your metabolism slows and becomes less efficient—impacting how quickly and effectively your cells function. 

This happens for two main reasons: First, levels of a coenzyme called NAD+, which is central to hundreds of metabolic processes and cellular energy production, decline. Second, enzymes inside our mitochondria—the powerhouses of our cells—like SIRT3 that depend on NAD+ to function slow down.

How to Target Metabolic Aging in Your Cells

Signal restores the age-related decline in NAD+ levels with NMN, one of the most efficient precursors of NAD+. A human clinical study demonstrated that 30 days of NMN supplementation at 250mg/day resulted in a 40% increase in NAD+ levels in the blood. NMN supplementation has been shown to support insulin sensitivity, vascular health (critical for athletic endurance), and muscle function.

“Signal is a novel, mitochondria-centric product formulated to counter aging-dependent declines in metabolism by promoting youthful energetics and metabolic efficiency.”

Leonard Guarente, Ph.D., Elysium founder, chief scientist, and renowned aging researcher and professor

Activating SIRT3 to Support Mitochondrial Health

What happens inside your mitochondria is crucial. All your metabolic processes take place here, from energy production and synthesis of cellular building blocks to waste management. The mitochondrial protein SIRT3 drives many of these reactions, as well as protects and generates new mitochondria. The natural ingredients in Signal’s SIRT3 Activation Complex, honokiol and viniferin, are designed to work with NMN to activate SIRT3 to promote mitochondrial health and synthesis, which in turn support metabolic health.

Elevate your metabolism with a Signal boost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Signal and what does it do?

Signal is designed to target metabolic aging at the cellular level by elevating levels of a key metabolite, NAD+, which declines universally with age, and by activating processes involved in supporting mitochondrial health.

What is metabolic aging?

Metabolic aging is the imbalance or dysregulation of our metabolism as a function of aging. As we age, levels of NAD+ decline dramatically. NAD+ is a key metabolite whose levels are closely monitored by the cell in order to tune and balance its metabolic reactions. Regulating the vast number of metabolic reactions to maintain balance or homeostasis between energy production and usage is critical for cell health. In addition to the decline in NAD+ level, the activity and levels of sirtuins (NAD+-dependent enzymes involved in regulating metabolism and maintaining energy homeostasis) also decline, further exacerbating the situation. The ingredients in Signal are designed to work synergistically to promote metabolic balance and health by elevating NAD+ levels and activating sirtuin 3.

What is SIRT3 and what are the potential benefits of activating it?

SIRT3 or sirtuin 3 is a member of the sirtuin family of enzymes that depend on NAD+ to function. SIRT3 enzymes reside in mitochondria and play an essential role in maintaining mitochondrial health and metabolic control, including glucose metabolism, cellular energy (ATP) production, fatty acid oxidation, ketone production during fasting, and amino acid cycling. Mitochondria are central hubs for metabolic reactions and produce ~95% of the cell’s energy. As we age, mitochondrial function and levels of mitochondrial sirtuins decline, leading to metabolic dysregulation. Signal is designed to activate SIRT3 and thus promote mitochondrial and metabolic health.

Is there any human data on Signal? Has it been published?

There are an increasing number of human clinical trials showing benefits of NMN supplementation in supporting aerobic capacity (when combined with exercise) which is important for physical endurance, and maintaining healthy muscle insulin sensitivity in prediabetic women. As more clinical data is available, we look forward to sharing additional information about the benefits of NMN supplementation. There are also a number of pilot studies in humans on honokiol demonstrating potential health benefits. Visit our Science Behind Signal page to find the reference list for these studies.

I’m already taking Basis, why should I take Signal as well?

There is preclinical evidence for potential tissue-specificity between the two different NAD+ precursors in Basis and Signal. More research is needed to support this finding but taking both Basis and Signal may help ensure that NAD+ levels are elevated across a broader range of tissues. In addition, the secondary ingredients in Signal and Basis target different processes in your cells–Signal activates an enzyme that’s involved in mitochondrial function and biogenesis whereas Basis activates an enzyme that is involved in regulating gene expression. We believe that taking both products can lead to a more comprehensive approach to targeting different aspects of aging that includes cellular and metabolic aging.

How do subscriptions work?

Our prepaid subscription plans are our most cost-effective options. When you select a semi-annual or annual plan, the pricing offers a savings to customers who commit to a long-term subscription. The longer the commitment, the greater the savings: $40/bottle for a 1-year (annual) subscription and $45/bottle for a 6-month (semi-annual) subscription. These prepaid subscriptions are considered final sale, so if you cancel in the middle of a 6-month or 1-year plan, you will continue to receive the remaining bottles, and the cancellation will take effect at the end of your plan before renewal. Our monthly subscriptions are $50/month and can be canceled at any time prior to your next shipment. You can also place a single-purchase order by selecting “Individual Purchase” on the checkout page for $60. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at if you need to talk about your plan.

Where do you ship?

Basis, Signal, Matter, Format and Mosaic are available in the United States and Canada. Index is currently only available to ship and bill to addresses located in the U.S.Sign up for our newsletterto be notified of updates related to the international availability of our products.

What shipping method do you use?

DHL is our shipping partner. Locally, they work with your USPS post office to complete the delivery.

Can I buy Elysium products in stores?

All Elysium products can be purchased directly through our website and are not currently available in any retail stores. Signal, Matter, Format, and Index are currently only available for purchase to addresses that bill and ship in the United States. Basis is available for purchase in the United States and Canada. To stay up to date on the international availability of our products, please subscribe to our newsletter.