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Advanced Support for Immune Aging


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Healthy  living is built on a good immune foundation. Format is an advanced, innovative system for complete immune support. The first and only immune product to target immune aging by pairing a daily immune supplement with an intermittent senolytic complex.

  • Supports a healthy immune system and targets immune aging at the cellular level
  • Senolytic Complex based on leading institutional research in the field of cellular senescence, and designed to target senescent cells that accumulate over time and contribute to immune aging 
  • Protect cells against free radicals and oxidative stress 
  • Induces autophagy to promote intracellular recycling and cellular renewal
  • Targets inflammaging at the cellular level and supports a healthy inflammatory response


    Format uniquely combines two complementary daily and monthly systems to provide complete immune support with targeted delivery.

    • Foundational Immunity Ingredients: The micronutrients essential to your daily functioning. Provides 100% of your daily vitamin C, plus selenium and zinc, to support the innate and adaptive immune systems.
    • Free Radical Defense Complex: Protects against free radicals with broccoli (Brassica oleracea) sprout extract containing the sulfur compound sulforaphane - a powerful antioxidant that helps shield cells against free radicals. Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a source of anthocyanins - plant-based pigments with antioxidant and immune-supporting properties.
    • Autophagy Activation Complex: Support intracellular recycling and cellular renewal with green tea (Camelia sinensis) phytosome provides EGCG in a phospholipid form that is significantly better absorbed than standard green tea extracts. The sap from the ashitaba (Angelica keiskei) plant is a rich source of chalcone flavonoids. Both of these ingredients support intracellular recycling and cellular renewal by activating autophagy.
    • Senolytic Complex: Targets senescent cells withsenolytics: quercetin (Sophora japonica), fisetin (Rhus succedanea), extracts of Chinese ginseng (Panax notoginseng), and chestnut rose (Rosa roxburghii).

    • Gluten-free, nut-free, and contains no artificial colors or flavors. 
    • NSF Certified for Sport, the only independent third-party certification program recognized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Please confirm the certification of each lot of both the daily immune supplement and the intermittent senolytic complex here.
    • See nutrition label for more information.
    • The quality and purity information of every lot is available here.

    Recommended Use

    Format consists of two parts:

    • Daily Immune Supplement: Take two capsules daily, with or without food.
    • Twice-Monthly Senolytic Complex: Take four capsules on two consecutive days each month, with or without food.
    • Each Format shipment contains a 30-day supply of the daily immune supplement, 60 capsules; and a 30-day supply of the Senolytic Complex, 8 capsules. 
    • This product is only intended for healthy adults. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with your physician before using.
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    Your Immune System Naturally Declines Over Time

    Your immune system provides a powerful defense against stressors in everyday life. As you age, it declines and becomes less efficient. Science has now identified a factor that contributes: the accumulation of senescent cells. These are cells throughout the body that stop dividing in response to cellular stressors and instead linger, secreting problematic molecules that can impact neighboring normal cells. Everyone has senescent cells, but as we age, our bodies struggle to clear senescent cells and they build up—including in the immune system

    Senescent immune cells can also impact other tissues as they circulate throughout our body. Recent research in mice suggests that they can even accelerate systemic aging.*

    *There’s no evidence to date that this animal study can be extrapolated to humans.

    Target Immune Aging With Senolytics

    There is a solution to the age-related buildup of senescent cells: a class of compounds called senolytics. When taken intermittently, senolytics help clear senescent cells and support healthy immune function. Format’s Senolytic Complex contains fisetin and quercetin, two extensively researched flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables with potent senolytic activity. Chinese ginseng and chestnut rose extracts further support senolytic activity, and have also been shown to reduce senescent cell burden triggered by strenuous exercise.

    “Format is unique in combining a daily immunomodulatory cocktail with intermittent, proven senolytic compounds to clear senescent cells. It is a safe way to provide multi-pronged immune support that is not available in any other health supplement.”

    Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.,Elysium Co-founder and Chief Scientist

    A Powerful Combination for Immune Support

    Format also provides a once-daily immune supplement with potent ingredients to support the innate and adaptive immune systems. These include the foundational micronutrients vitamin C, zinc, and selenium, as well as other natural compounds that offer advanced protection against free radicals and oxidative stress, and promote cellular renewal and intracellular recycling by activating autophagy.

    Format your immune system for the 21st century.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Format and what does it do?

    Format is an innovative system designed to provide complete immune support. The first and only advanced immune product to uniquely combine a daily immune supplement with an intermittent senolytic complex to target the effects of immune aging and support a healthy immune system.

    Why do I need to take a separate Senolytic Complex?

    We know that micronutrients are essential for daily immune function; research has also shown that senolytics are effective when administered intermittently, instead of daily, at an appropriate dose. As such, Format consists of two parts: 1) You’ll take Format’s Senolytic Complex on two consecutive days each month, four per day. Unless advised by a physician, please do not exceed the recommended dose of the Senolytic Complex. 2) Format’s immune supplement, which contains essential micronutrients as well as a Free Radical Defense Complex and an Autophagy Activation Complex, is taken daily.

    What is the Senolytic Complex?

    The formulation of Format’s Senolytic Complex is based on leading institutional research in the field of cellular senescence. It promotes senolytic activity with senolytics quercetin (Sophora japonica) and fisetin (Rhus succedanea). Extracts of Chinese ginseng (Panax notoginseng) and chestnut rose (Rosa roxburghii) further support normal senolytic activity, and promote the clearance of senescent cells associated with strenuous exercise.

    What is cellular senescence?

    Senescence or biological aging is the gradual decline of functional characteristics in living organisms. The word senescence can refer to either cellular senescence or to senescence of the whole organism. Cellular senescence refers to the phenomenon in which a cell loses its ability to divide and grow, or proliferate, but remains metabolically active.

    What is autophagy?

    Autophagy is a process where non-functional or unnecessary cells are removed and recycled so healthy new ones can be built. This “cellular housekeeping” is crucial for immune health and the body’s ability to respond to immune aging.

    This product includes vitamin C, selenium, and zinc. What is special about Format?

    Format is an innovative system designed to provide complete immune support. It is the first and only advanced immune product to uniquely combine a daily immune supplement with an intermittent senolytic complex to target immune aging. In addition to the micronutrients that you mentioned—vitamin C, selenium, and zinc, which are essential to immune function—Format’s daily immune supplement also contains an Autophagy Activation Complex and a Free Radical Defense Complex. In addition to the daily supplement, each Format shipment includes a Senolytic Complex that is taken intermittently (on two consecutive days each month) to help your body manage senescent cells and respond to inflammaging and immunosenescence at the cellular level.

    What does “advanced immune support” mean?

    With essential micronutrients and Format’s three unique complexes—the Free Radical Defense Complex, Autophagy Activation Complex, and Senolytic Complex—Format not only supports healthy immune function but also helps the body manage senescent cells and respond to inflammaging and immunosenescence at the cellular level.

    How do subscriptions work?

    Our prepaid subscription plans are our most cost-effective options. When you select a semi-annual or annual plan, the pricing offers a savings to customers who commit to a long-term subscription. The longer the commitment, the greater the savings: $40/bottle for a 1-year (annual) subscription and $45/bottle for a 6-month (semi-annual) subscription. Your prepaid plan will renew automatically unless you cancel at the end of the prepaid period. These prepaid subscriptions are considered final sale, so if you cancel in the middle of a 6-month or 1-year plan, you will continue to receive the remaining bottles, and the cancellation will take effect at the end of your plan before renewal. Our monthly subscriptions are $50/month and can be canceled at any time prior to your next shipment. You can also place a single-purchase order by selecting “Individual Purchase” on the checkout page for $60. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at if you need to talk about your plan.

    Where do you ship?

    Basis, Signal, Matter, Format and Mosaic are available in the United States and Canada. Index is currently only available to ship and bill to addresses located in the U.S. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of updates related to the international availability of our products.

    What shipping method do you use?

    DHL is our shipping partner. Locally, they work with your USPS post office to complete the delivery.

    Can I buy Elysium products in stores?

    All Elysium products can be purchased directly through our website and are not currently available in any retail stores. Basis is available for purchase to addresses that bill and ship in the United States and Canada, and Matter, Format, and Index are available for purchase in the U.S. To stay up to date on the international availability of our products, please subscribe to our newsletter.